Retreats at Demontreville have one theme:

To know, love, and serve God in this world.

About the Retreat House

Each year more than 3,000 men from all walks of life participate in retreats at the Demontreville Jesuit Retreat House. Retreats at Demontreville have one theme: to know, love, and serve God in this world. To really know, love, and serve God, however, one must know oneself.

The Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius Loyola (1491-1556) provide a wonderful method for doing this. They help us see who we are – one loved by God. They help us realize we are called by God to follow Jesus Christ, who became man over 2,000 years ago to show us how to live. He still shows us how to live today.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who Attends

Seventy-two men attend each of the 47 retreats scheduled on weekends throughout the year. In each group, 10 percent are first-time retreatants, and 17 percent are denominations other than Roman Catholic.


Each man enjoys a private room in one of six Dutch colonial homes at the retreat center. The chapel, dining room, lounge area, and administrative offices are in the main building.


There is no set fee. When leaving Sunday you will be asked to donate what you can reasonably afford, anonymously if you wish.


We ask you to check in between 4:30 pm and 6:30 pm on Thursday. The retreat starts with dinner at 7 pm. The retreats end after supper on Sunday at approximately 7:30 pm. We expect you to attend the entire retreat. Please do not plan to leave early.


The retreat house is located between North Saint Paul and Stillwater, Minnesota. Detailed directions are available upon request.

What to Wear

Casual clothing is recommended – slacks, sweaters, sports shirts make for a relaxing weekend.

Fr. Ed Sthokal, S.J. Memorial Page

Challenge Match of $1 million!

July 31, 2023 to January 20, 2024

We are excited to announce that a group of generous donors have committed up to one million dollars to our capital campaign to encourage your generosity and to help us reach our goal.

All new pledges and new donations received between July 31, 2023 (Feast of St. Ignatius Loyola) and January 20, 2024 (birthday of Fr. Ed Sthokal), will be matched.
Now is the time to make a pledge or gift.

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